Build a Multichannel marketing strategy for an Omnichannel experience.
The content authoring tool.

Multichannel marketing (MCM) strategy involves the creation of content for each communication channel of the defined channel mix. As an example, we would need digital presentations aka CLM presentations for face to face e-detailing (in a better world), digital presentations for remote e-detailing and emails. How to develop so much content?

Tell the story to healthcare professionals and let them figure out the rest.
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Narrative and storytelling are sometimes used as synonyms, but we consider narrative as the comprehensive building and construction of a story. Storytelling allows to organise the series of events, while the narrative provides how to structure the event.

The narrative takes the audience on a journey and that journey triggers emotions.
It involves a structural framework of how the story is presented to the audience (shaping the story).

Tell the story to healthcare professionals and let them figure out the rest.
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Our brains love stories. Many experiments showed that stories engage several parts of our brain and that’s how you achieve ultimate engagement from your audience. What sticks in our mind are the facts and details that are wrapped in a story. Which is what we want the HCP to experience as opposed to processing simple facts that he will certainly forget. So, storytelling incorporated with scheduled message management is what will definitely boost our chances to reach the objective of HCP’s retention.

Tell the story to healthcare professionals and let them figure out the rest.

Containing costs has actually been Pharma companies’ mantra for many years now. On a marketing perspective, performing at campaign management is crucial as expectations often weigh more than budget plans. For that reason, it is an imperative to make the most of your promotional materials. Since ineffective campaigns can hurt the bottom line, any marketing efforts put out there must be leveraged by methods that will boost HCPs’ engagement as well as experience.
We think campaign management just like a TV series.

HCP engagement in remote detailing.
Stand out from the crowd.

Remote calls have been used since more than a decade in the Pharma industry as it comes with several benefits that have been listed in many articles. But, as amazing as remote detailing sounds, all these nice things and results don’t come without additional challenges, especially when it comes to building a strong healthcare professionals (HCP) engagement during this period of time —one of the biggest roadblocks that sales teams may already be facing.