We are Hexagone

A forward-thinking team made of experts dedicated to create solutions to life science brands needs, through out-of-the-box creative strategy and innovative technology.
Our a team is a blend of passionate strategic thinkers and technology wizards.

create solutions to life science brands needs

Our mission

We help your life science brand digital strategy get done.

We empower life science brands through digital strategy and technology solutions that deliver results.
empower life science brands through digital strategy and technology solutions

Our secret sauce

See what sets us apart

We're more that trusted advisors.
We combine years of experience and expertise to bring the most innovative solutions to our clients.

We have walked in our clients’ shoes therefore we know the challenges they face.

simplify digital developement process


We streamline how you do work by using simplified processes. 
We kill the complexities within our recipe without sacrificing the quality.

build pharma digital content grow capabilities


Our innovation capital is our secret ingredient.  We focus on value creation. We rethink how we build and grow digital capabilities in new ways.

pharma digital content management plan and guideline

Ready to use

We provide the right plan and operational guidelines to maximize your investments.

pharma digital developement content design workshop


We design interactive workshops where participants carry out a number of training activities designed to acquire new skills and specialized knowledge they can apply to their day-to-day or future skill set. 

Our goal

Solving challenges

Our experience provided a big knowledge of your challenges. We focus on the complexities that come with developing digital marketing materials. We understand the challenges you face every day.
We help you break free from heavy processes, long workflows, and expensive investments.​

developing digital marketing materials

Our work

Design solutions for tomorrow

We build digital capabilities.
We partner with our clients to integrate and capitalize on technologies across global and local brands that lead to operational excellence, build business value and drive performance.

design solution and digital capabilities for pharma and life science company
help life science company with digital marketing content creation challenges

Creative and strategy thinking

Creativity and strategy are no longer optional in today’s rapidly changing digitized business environment. We provide creative, strategic and innovative thought processes to help your life science company with digital marketing content creation challenges while managing every communication channel.

life science pharma digital strategy

Technology strategy

We believe life science companies should make the right decision when it comes to choose technology in order to meet their business needs. We have a comprehensive end-to-end technology strategy services made to unleash human potential to process more and execute faster.

develop structured digital approach

Problem solving

We develop a structered approach to solve problems through technology. Our Global Clients achieve a more seamless and coordinated customer experience.

Our features

We think
we do

We’re passionate about doing meaningful, transformative work with you, building agile digital strategies that can be operationalized and sustained over the long term.

We act as disruptors, disrupting traditional processes, creating efficiencies and therefore leading to competitive advantages.



Digital content made simple

We embrace technology for a coherent multichannel marketing approach.

Meet our work system designed to solve complex challenges by unleashing human potential to process more and execute faster.

hexagone digital life sciences companies partner

We believe in partnerships that make the difference.

We work with meaningful technological and creative partners to provide you with the best customer experience.

iqvia technologies


we can help you right away building and strengthening your digital strategy.

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